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FEATURES Fly Ribbon is a basic glue strip that is hung to trap flying insects. Unroll the Fly Ribbon and hang them from the ceiling, as the flies are flying by they will
A universal household product ready to use emulsion for the control of household insects. This product will help with the control of household insects.What's in the box:1 x 375ml
Efekto - Trap-A-Roach A pesticide free, safe & easy, cockroach trap. What's in the box: - 5 x traps containing Roach Baits & Sticky Tape Features: - A pesticide
A ready-to-use insecticidal bait station for the control of cockroaches in public hygiene.Where can it be used?Domestic premises (including kitchens). Food handling areas (i.e. For food processing, storage and
Kill Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths and Flying Insects Tired of flying insects flying around your living spaces or mosquitos disturbing your sleep? This Homemax Electric Mosquito Killer fly trap lamp is specifically designed to keep the living
The Shooaway Fly Repellent Fan is an ingenious, Aussie invention which does exactly what it says on the box: it shoos away flies, bees and other bothersome buzzers. The Shooaway Fly Repellent Fan is
GET RID OF ANTS SAFELY Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Indoor and Outdoor Use For household and office use: - Closets - Basements - Attics - Recreation Rooms

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