Need a price for a sodastream?

Hi there! Based on the PriceCheck search results, I see we have a few great Sodastream options for you: The Sodastream Soda Stream 30L Exchange Cylinder & Gas at R124.99 is a great value as it includes both a new carbonating cylinder as well as the gas refill. The Sodastream Black Terra Machine for R999.99 is also very popular - it's stylish and lets you make fresh sparkling water at home. For a more premium device, you may love the Sodastream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker in red or black colors, both available for R849.99. Let me know if you need any other details on these selections! I'm always here to help find the best bargains.

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Sodastream - Model 60 - Boxed Cylinder Cylinder filled with 400g CO2 that makes up to 60 litre sparkling water Specifications: - Colour: Stainless steel - Weight: 1.21kg Dimensions: 6cm x 37cm x
Sparkles your water in seconds. Whats inside: SPIRITTM Sparkling Water Up to 60L CO2 SodaStream cylinder BPA-Free reusable carbonating bottle
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Make quick, delicious drinks at home by adding your favourite Sodastream flavoured syrup to normal water or sparkling water, then relax and enjoy your fizzy, fruity beverage. Flavoured syrup to add to
Sparkling drinks maker Pack includes Spirit Machine, a 1 litre carbonating bottle and Model 60 full cylinder Fizz to your liking at the press of a button Full CO2 cylinder makes up to 60L of
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