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Review of the 123rd mixed martial arts event which took place in November 2010 at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. The footage includes full coverage of the Light Heavyweight bout between Quinton 'Rampage'
Lost in Everest's Death Zone (DVD) In 1999, Michael Matthews, a high-flying financial trader from London paid $40,000 for his shot at Everest's summit, the expedition he was part of fell into disarray
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Michael Bannon, coach to Irish golfing star Rory McIlroy, presents this instructional programme in two parts. The 'Indoor' section helps you to get the basics right by following the 3D teaching model and self-help tips
Diana Moran leads this low-impact workout programme for people of all ages and abilities. The workout, which now includes facial exercises, is designed to help the user maintain a balanced lifestyle and allows for different
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Guitar tuition package aimed at helping musical beginners master a variety of classic blues riffs. Taught by professional guitarists John Heussenstamm, Johnny Moeller and Bill Stone, the licks, from early to modern blues, are demonstrated
Historian Simon Schama presents this five-part BBC documentary series that traces over 4,000 years of Jewish history. In addition to tracing the Jewish experience from its birthplace in the ancient world of the Hebrew bible,
All six episodes of the BBC documentary series in which Giles Harrison traces the story of the development of scientific knowledge, and looks at how ideas in science have shaped the

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