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World Sleep Day: Top Ways to Invest in Quality Sleep


Sleep really is your most important tool in staying healthy and happy — as well as effectively fighting ageing. As we celebrate World Sleep Day on 17 March 2023, we look at a few ways to invest in good quality sleep. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure you have a great night’s sleep from investing in a good mattress to high-quality bedding.

Memory foam mattress:

Memory foam moulds to your body in response to pressure, evenly distributing body weight, allowing everybody to be taken care of when laying down to rest. This type of memory foam also offers incomparable durability and longevity.

“We often find that consumers don’t want to spend so much money on a mattress, but the reality is, we spend more on technology – which actually inhibits us from having a good night’s rest. We need to be more mindful about supporting our sleep patterns with high-quality products such as a memory foam mattress which you will have for 10 years; whereas a phone you’ll have for two. My goal is to encourage more people to see the value of quality sleep and caring for themselves – it is the highest level of self-care you can do for yourself…and your family.” says Rudo Kemp, Founder of Sloom — the only comfort adjustable memory foam mattress in South Africa.


Cool room and mattress:

Look for a memory foam mattress and a memory foam pillow that is made using next-generation foam. New-tech foam has major improvements in better airflow, longevity, and durability compared to your traditional foams used in the industry, and investing in a memory foam mattress that will keep you cool throughout the night is a must.

The same goes for sleeping in a cool room. Invest in a standing fan, air cooler, or air conditioning system for your bedroom so you can be sure the air around you is cool and conducive to great sleep.

Natural fabrics:

Cotton is a natural fabric that allows for breathability and better temperature regulations giving a cooler night’s rest. There are loads of great quality, but inexpensive cotton bedding options on the market that will ensure a peaceful night’s rest. If your budget allows, then silk bedding is another great natural fabric option, which ensures you stay cool during the night.

PriceCheck tip: CBD has zero psychoactive effects. However, research shows that CBD has some positive health benefits and can assist with relaxation and anxiety. 



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