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When You Should Drink Coffee Before Exercise, According to Science


Many runners, cyclists and gym goers enjoy a caffeine boost before their exercise workout. Drinking a cup of coffee 45 – 60 minutes before working out (giving your body enough time to absorb it and reach its peak effectiveness) can positively affect the way you exercise and even the outcomes thereafter.

“Although you may be forgiven for thinking that this early morning cup of coffee is solely needed to help you get up and go, the real reason is something different,” explains Thokozane Radebe, brand manager for coffee brand Douwe Egberts. “Coffee drank before exercising is not done to get out of bed but to give you what you need to make the most of your time exercising.”

Drinking coffee in moderation before you exercise can help with your performance, motivation and even focus. The recommended amount of coffee to drink before working out is 3–6 mg per kg of body mass. “Knowing what your body needs to help you exercise at your full potential is important when looking for that effective caffeine boost,” comments Radebe.

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Studies have shown that your pre-workout coffee can provide you with an energy level and mental awareness boost. You will feel more awake and focused during your workout, potentially resulting in an overall better performance.

With this increase in energy levels, caffeine can also enhance endurance by increasing how long it takes you to feel fatigue which can assist you in working out for longer. This is particularly necessary for endurance sports such as running and cycling. It has also been recognised that caffeine can reduce the perception of muscle pain while exercising, allowing you to push harder, getting the most out of your workout.

When it comes to the types of coffee you should be drinking before working out, instant coffee is quick and easy and delivers a great caffeine punch.

“When incorporating coffee into your workout routine start off slow and with a taste that you enjoy,” suggests Radebe. “Working out doesn’t start when you hit the mat or the road, it starts with your pre-workout routine allowing you to get the most out of every moment.”


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