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Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PS4 Headset Review


With the line-up of quality PS4 games hitting the system over the past year or so, it’s a no-brainer for Playstation owners to pick up a decent set of headphones to enjoy the titles with, and Turtle’s Beach‘s name is usually thrown into the mix when considering which brand to go with.

The company has a number of great entries, with each one appealing to a certain price-bracket and different needs, but the Stealth 700 has all the bells-and-whistles you’d want from high-end sets, along with a mid-range price point – so it’s rather unique in that regard.


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You get a really comprehensive surround sound (with notably impressive bass capabilities), active noise cancellation, Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing sound equalisation (which highlights enemy footsteps and locations) and Bluetooth connectivity via a small USB dongle. Not to mention a solid, foldable microphone that delivers crisp and clear sound to teammates or during Party Chats.

As for the design of the headset itself, the large cups make them incredibly comfortable, so wearing them for prolonged periods of time isn’t a problem if you have larger ears. Thankfully, the build-quality is also robust yet flexible, allowing you to collapse them for easy storage without bits and pieces squeaking and breaking.

It’s difficult to identify any shortcomings with these particular headphones, but if there is a slight gripe, the volume and tonal controls could’ve been placed a little more intuitively, forcing you to scratch around your upper-ear area to find the sliders, but it’s a minor hinderance.

Price: R2,599 RRP

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