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Top 3 Favourite Gadgets of the Month


We’ve got our hands on some of the latest gadgets to find out whether they’re worth your money and attention! Here’s our top 3 for the month of May:

Acer Swift 3

Price: R11,899

Finding a laptop that’s light enough to be easily-portable yet powerful enough to do some sizable-lifting is always a challenge, but Acer‘s Swift 3 aims to do all that without breaking the bank, too. Of course, extremely demanding programs or gaming won’t bode well for the Swift 3, but thanks to the SSD, full HD screen, 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, and sleek design, it is well worth the price. The wide range of ports and top-notch keyboard and touchpad are mere icing on the cake.

Acer Swift 3

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Homeguard All Weather Plus security camera

Price: R1,699

While security cameras can seem expensive, complicated, and a nightmare to set-up, Homeguard’s IP cameras make the process an easy job that anyone with a smartphone and screwdriver can do. This 1080p HD camera is ideal for a home or office location, giving high-quality 30 frames-per-second footage, either live to your smartphone, tablet or PC, or recorded on its internal 8GB storage. The companion app is also easy to configure and operate, saving the hassle of putting a server and DVR recorder in your home. The camera also has night-vision and is weatherproof, making it a great security option for outside locations.


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Journey Organiser mobile GPS logger

Price: R999

If you find yourself travelling a lot for work and always needing to try and log your milage in order to claim or submit to your company, the Journey Organiser is a blessing in a pint-sized body. This handy little device uses GPS to monitor your distance and map your driving behaviour, and then transfer it all to your phone via Bluetooth. More good news is that the Journey Organiser doesn’t take your car’s cigarette lighter socket out of play for use by other devices, and instead doubles as a high-current USB port, so you can plug other USB devices into it and charge them while using the dongle.


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