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Top 10 Forms of Exercise South Africans Like To Do on Holiday


A recent survey conducted by travel-loyalty programme, Marriott Bonvoy has revealed that 80% of South African travellers choose to exercise while on holiday. The results also show that almost a third of those (32%) don’t normally work out, even when they’re at home.

The research was conducted amongst South African adults as part of a wider study of 16,000 adults across Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. The figures are from new research from Marriott Bonvoy, the all-encompassing travel programme where members earn and redeem points around the world at nearly 8,200 hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and home rentals through Homes & Villas by Marriott International.

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While exercise is undoubtedly good for your mental and physical wellbeing, what forms of exercise are South Africans leaning towards when travelling? The survey also revealed the preferred forms of exercises South Africans turn to when they’re away from home.

Top exercises South Africans like to do on holiday:

1) Going for a run in the local area around the town (44%)
2) Going for a run on the beach (43%)
3) Swimming (36%)
4) Working out in the hotel gym (34%)
5) Doing non-equipment-based exercises in my room e.g. sit-ups, squats, press-ups (31%)
6) Meditation (28%)
7) Working out in my hotel room (26%)
8) Yoga (23%)
9) Working out in an external gym in the local area (22%)
10) Sports, such as tennis, badminton, squash etc (18%)

Fortunately there are many forms of exercise you can partake in when you’re away from home that don’t require access to a gym. Simply packing a pair of running shoes and gym gear will mean you’re ready for a walk or run whenever the mood strikes. Compact, travel-friendly exercise equipment, such as resistance bands, a yoga towel, and even a swimming costume and swimming goggles are easy to pack for a quick sweat session on the go.


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