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Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Summer Staycation


More and more South Africans are embracing the staycation boom according to the country’s Department of Tourism which says staycations have become a key travel trend for years to come. While the end-of-year festive season sales is often touted as the best time of the year to get high-end electronics and appliances, consumers can also take advantage of some DIY deals to prepare for summer staycations.

Over the festive period, a lot of customers are looking to shop for both large and small renovation projects. From building that backyard braai, to upgrading the kitchen, or even investing in a generator to keep the vacation spirits high during load shedding, here are some DIY hacks to make your dream staycation a reality.

pool party garden

Stay cool in the summer heat

South African summers are notorious for their often-excessive heat and sunshine that can get too hot to handle. So, you should ensure that you’re well-equipped to offer everyone respite from the heat when the need arises to rush inside to cool down.

Consider installing an air conditioner will provide some much-needed refuge from the sweltering heat and an excellent way to effectively cool down the air temperature to the ideal point through a refrigeration cycle. This investment will also pay off with the cold South African winters, providing ample heating as much as it will cool down your home.

LG Artcool air conditioner

Keep your feasts merry

The last thing you need while halfway through your festive feast cooking is an unscheduled power outage (or even a forgotten load-shedding slot), bringing all your master-chef-level cooking plans to a grinding halt.

Investing in a small gas burner hob stove will eliminate the risk of load shedding getting in the way of your cooking plans. This handy addition to your kitchen is gas-powered, it will provide instant heat, multiple-pot cooking, and energy efficiency to keep your pockets smiling throughout the festive season.

Don’t lose that holiday sparkle

This time of year is ideal for you to wind down from work and relax with loved ones, and one of the best ways to do this is to light up a braai and spend the day by the pool – which means maintaining its sparkle and keeping it blue and radiant.

Maintaining your pool correctly and using quality chemicals, like HTH Granular Chlorine, will ensure you keep your cool summer entertainment area clean and safe for everyone, young and old, to enjoy more memorable moments.

Gather the family for a potjiekos feast

The best part about a South African staycation is immersing yourself in authentic South African traditions, like gathering the family around the fire for a mouth-watering potjiekos feast.

All you’ll need to turn this tradition into reality is fire, coal, the right ingredients, the great company of loved ones, and a three-legged cast iron potjie pot. It’s the ultimate braai accessory for holiday cooking.


Keep the festive lights on during load shedding

With little chance of load shedding taking a vacation this festive season, it’s a good idea to take proactive measures to keep the festive lights on by looking at alternative energy options. That way, you and your loved ones won’t be left in the dark during your much-anticipated staycation.

One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a loadshedding solution like a generator or an inverter to help power up your television, lights, internet, fridge, and karaoke machine to keep that holiday entertainment going!


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