Friday, February 21

Finally, a Phone for the Social Media-Fatigued Minimalist


While social media has brought us a world of interconnectedness that we could’ve only dreamt about, it does have it’s drawbacks. Being constantly updated on your high-school friend’s lunches and cat memes is great and all, but can be fatiguing.

If you’re looking for a phone that’s a little more ‘streamlined’ in terms of features, the Light Phone 2 should be on your radar.

The device offers users a simple, slimmed-down phone that eliminates the noisy connectedness that smart devices currently cause, cutting off social media functionality and placing more of an emphasis on real, practical applications, like calling, messaging, and an alarm clock.

On top of that, the Light Phone 2 is 4G-enabled and uses an e-ink display instead of an LCD or AMOLED screen (like many modern smartphones of today), meaning that the battery will last longer and looking at the screen for prolonged periods of time will be easier on the eyes too.

It features two buttons that allow settings to be scrolled through, offering the simple essentials that mobile phones were originally predicated on. The Light team emphasises the stress of modern-day life, and how being hyper-connected all the time comes with some benefits, but also increases our stress levels and causes some fairly significant downsides too.

They’re not saying you should dump your smartphone in the river and never look back, but having an alternative for days where you don’t want every minute detail from social media on your mind isn’t a bad idea.

Their Indiegogo campaign is running until the 25th of March – and sells for just $250 (just under R3,000).

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