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These Houseplants Will Help You Concentrate


The city or “Concrete Jungle” with its hustle and bustle, makes strolling in the park an unusual luxury. But whether it’s a pot plant to spruce up your desk or even the scenic beauty of a forest, nature’s ability to soften the stress of everyday life is simply remarkable. Apart from beautifying and creating relaxed spaces, plants also have the phenomenal benefit of increasing concentration levels. We’ve compiled a list of some houseplants to help you stay focused.

Orchid (Orchidaceae)

Stemming from ancient times, the orchid has long been hailed for its health benefits. From reducing seasonal ailments to increasing productivity, this one will grow beautifully in your home and heart.

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It’s used as a herbal tonic to treat influenza, headaches and dizziness. The Chrysanthemums makes for a lovely houseplant to create a serene ambiance.

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Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

Feng Shui enthusiasts believe the Jade plant nourishes the chi and strengthens mental health. Apart from assisting in one’s concentration, the succulent is also said to bring prosperity, friendship and money.

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Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea erumpens)

This graceful indoor plant is not only calm and soothing, but also has many therapeutic benefits, which includes purifying the air. It made NASA’s list of top-ten clean air plants; it grows best in the shady part of your home.

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Here are some valuable additions to help you grow your own plants:

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You won’t go wrong with these handy books

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