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The Tech Innovations We Can Expect from 2022


As the dynamic tech world evolves, one thing always remains true: our dependence on technology to live, work, learn and play means that we are constantly seeking innovations that make our lives more efficient, more intuitive and more satisfying. As such, smart technology companies are pushing the boundaries of accessible and interconnected technology to keep up with the rapidly expanding needs of the South African market. The goal is to provide smart technology that not only fulfils its fundamental function, but provides unprecedented user experiences for a fully integrated life.

Here are six ways the smart technology landscape is set to change in 2022:

Camera quality is king

In a time when visual expression is so important, 2022 promises to deliver on improved image capture across the board. Smartphone manufacturers are investing in hardware and software across smartphone price points to make superior photography and filmography more accessible.

Capabilities such as image quality sensors, triple-camera setups, video stabilisation, 8K recording and the ISO quality found in digital cameras will become commonplace in the smartphones of tomorrow to do justice to any moment captured.

smartphone photography

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Wearable Tech is in Hot Demand

According to Deloitte’s TMT Predictions for 2022, some 320 million wearable devices will be shipped globally next year. It’s clear that health and wellness trackers are set to be the must-have accessory for 2022, expanding their applications from fitness trackers and health monitors to always-on entertainment and communication tools.

Wearables are also projected to become even more integrated into healthcare systems in terms of health metric monitoring, supported by the fact that an estimated US$500 million is to be invested in mental health and wellness apps in 2022.

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Developments in AMOLED Display

As the window through which we manage much of our modern-day lives, display technology is improving in leaps and bounds to revolutionise our viewing experiences. Leading the charge is AMOLED technology, the flat display found in flagship smart devices such as the Xiaomi 11T Pro. Advancements in this technology mean more vivid imagery, vibrant colour display, incredible brightness and contrast-rich details. This means brighter photos, crisper videos and crystal-clear user experiences.

2022 is bound to see greater adoption of AMOLED technology into foldable and flip smartphones for device weight reduction and optimised power efficiency.


Smartphone Processor Cooling Technology

In the scorching South African summer months, many of our smart devices run the risk of overheating. According to Nicola Nell, Marketing Manager for Xiaomi in South Africa, the smartphone company will be launching Loop LiquidCool technology in the second half of 2022 to combat any heat-related performance concerns.

“In order to optimise device performance, Xiaomi will be incorporating more refined heat dissipation methods into their devices next year that are modelled off cooling systems used in aerospace technologies. This technology offers twice the cooling capabilities of traditional conventional vapour chambers solutions, and will have a significant improvement on the cooling efficiency of smartphone processors.”

Products Are Becoming Even Smarter Through AI

Artificial intelligence is touted as the world’s most transformative technology for good reason. As technological needs evolve, 5G capabilities increase in South Africa and more devices are interconnected than ever before, companies are introducing more and more responsive and immersive tech to elevate your living experience.

2022 will offer an ever-expanding repertoire of smart products to control your home environment at the press of a button, from smart lighting, home automation, smart security systems to smart scooters, smart TVs, kettles, air fryers and beyond.

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The Expansion of Seamless Intelligence

Taking this a step further, the evolution of AI has set the world on the precipice of an entirely interconnected communication ecosystem. Seamless intelligence sounds like a futuristic concept, but technology such as voice recognition software, facial recognition and natural language processing has been developing for some time to make this a reality.

The intuitive updates and changes the AIoT landscape is undergoing is revolutionising the way in which human beings interface and engage with technology. The fundamental to this is the movement towards a more seamless integration of the use of tech into our everyday lives; whether it but through using voice prompts or the monitoring of biometric data such as heart rates.

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