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The Importance of Investing in a Good Sports Bra


You wouldn’t run in just any old shoes so why would you run in any old bra? A top-quality sports bra can be as essential in your workout wardrobe as a good pair of trainers. Not only is your sports bra a necessity in terms of comfort but more importantly, a well-designed sports bra ensures that the breasts are held firmly in position to minimise bouncing and avoid stretching of the Coopers ligament (i.e. the ligament that stops the breast from sagging!).

According to a study by the Research Group in Breast Health (RGBH) in the UK, your bust moves up and down about 4cm per stride while walking and up to 15cm during running, which exposes your breasts to extreme strain as they are not naturally designed to resists extreme movements. Once this skin is stretched it’s almost impossible to get it back into shape and that means sagging breasts forever.

If you’re not too bothered about the sag consider that wearing a well-fitted sports bra also helps to avoid back and neck pain and alleviate discomfort in the upper and even lower back during and after exercise. What’s more, not wearing a good quality sports bra could also negatively impact on your breathing patterns during exercise – increased pressure on the rib cage results in more shallow and quicker breaths and less effective sweat sessions.

Now that you know why a good quality, well-fitted sports bra is essential it’s time to get fitted. A correctly fitted bra should have no spillage of the breast and be firm but not restrictive when worn during exercise. Ultimately it should feel snug but comfortable.

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