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The Crucial Checks You Must Make Before Buying a Used Car


More people are buying second-hand cars because of the exorbitant price tag on new cars and the fast depreciating value of them. While buying a second-hand car may be economical and more value for money, it can easily turn into an adverse experience should you choose a car hidden with problems.

To avoid or prevent a situation like this, here are important checks to do on a used car.

Take a specialist with you

Cars are intricate mechanical possessions, that many of us know very little about. Which is exactly why the first check is to get someone knowledgeable about cars to go with you.

Image result for car mileageCheck the car’s mileage

Low mileage on a car is a significant indicator of how old the car is and how much it’s been used. Low mileage on a car means the car is relatively new, was driven minimally and was well taken care of

Inspecting the interior and exterior of the car

Your eyes are one of your greatest assets when buying a new car. They allow you to see the clear signs of a car hidden with problems. This makes a thorough interior and exterior car inspection invaluable. It also gives you somewhat of an idea of how well the previous owner took care of the car and a visible history of the car.

Exterior checks

Check for fender benders

Fender benders are a clear sign that the car was in an accident, however, depending on the damage, you can either decide to give the car a pass or carry on inspecting.

Check the body colour

Check if the body colour is even. If it is uneven, this could mean the car was over-sprayed due to a possible accident.

Check the tyres

Image result for uneven wear on tiresCheck for uneven wear on the tyres. Uneven wear could possibly mean alignment issues on the car or more extensive problems. Also, concerning tyres, see the general condition of the tyres and whether they are in a good condition or not. If not, consider the extra cost and whether your budget allows for it.

Other checks

  • Check if all the lights and indicators are working;
  • Check if all the locks are working.

Interior checks

  • Check that you are comfortable using the breaks
  • Check the steering of the car
  • Check that the car has all the creature comfort features of your liking eg. radio, USB, cupholders
  • Check the air conditioning and heating

When taking the car for a test drive…

Listen  for any weird sounds

Be sure to turn off the radio and listen intensively to the sounds of the car. Any weird knocking and rambling sounds?

Check for leaks

Image result for car leaksAfter driving the car for a bit, stop and check for any leaks. This is one of the biggest red flags. If the car is leaking black fluid it is probably a sign of an oil leak; pink fluid may indicate a transmission leak and green fluid is usually an indicator of anti-freeze.

Check for smoke

Check for exhaust smokes as this could possibly mean engine problems.

Check the car’s VIN number and battery

Be sure to check the car’s VIN number and see if the information matches up. If not, this could be an indicator of a stolen car.

Also, check the car’s battery terminals.

Review the make and model of the car

With the internet at your avail, it’s a great tool for making informed decisions. Read up on reviews about the car and model. Do your research and take your time.


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