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The best water-saving gadgets and additions for your home


Cape Town’s Mayor, Patricia De Lille, regarding the strategies on tackling the city’s water crisis, announced a three-phase plan before dam levels reach 0%. In order to avoid this, Cape Town’s water consumption needs to drop from 600 million litres to 500 million litres.  This means, that every person in the city needs to start taking responsibility for their own personal water usage which involves establishing awareness and a certain amount of discipline. Fortunately, we are at an age, where technology can serve this earth and its resources. Here are water-saving gadgets and useful additions to help you be part of the water conservation movement, not only in Cape Town but in every part of the world.


Smart Water Pebble

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Now’s the time to grind down on long and lavish showers. Try the Smart Water Pebble to help curb and shorten showers to four minutes. Place it in the shower or on the side of the bath and let the capacitive technology do the work. Red means you’ve showered for 3 minutes, amber is another 30 seconds and green means you only have 30 seconds left.

Eco Showerheads

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Conserving doesn’t need to mean suffering. All it means is making conscious decisions with how we use what we have. In this regard, having an adjustable showerhead to regulate water pressure can make the needed difference to help conserve water better and still enjoy a pleasant shower. Try out some eco shower heads that come with water intensity settings to help you make smarter water decisions.


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Taking water conservation to a whole other level, and in the smallest way one might add because the SpaTap fits snugly in your pocket. This award-winning device is quite ingenious as it dispenses water in four different modes from the neck of a water bottle (2-litre bottles are ideal) which means taking a shower, washing your hands or rinsing your face can be monitored to the litre! Talk about conscious living – the four different modes include Minimal, Free Flow, Pump Mode and Power shower. It’s flexible in terms of use – whether it’s for drinking or washing hands after working in the garden or a quick cool shower for those hot summer days.

Aerating Tap Inserts

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Conserving water doesn’t need to mean washing your hands with sad trickling droplets. Try using aerating inserts on your taps and save up to 50% of water.  The system of aerating water is also beneficial for cleaner drinking water as it dissolves metals and removes gases such as CO2.

Water-Saving Flush System

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Depending on your toilet system, the amount of water used for one flush varies between 18 and 27 litres. If the average person uses the toilet at least 6 -7 times a day and flushes every time the number easily adds up to 216 litres of water daily. Installing a water-saving flush system means huge savings for the planet!

Water Storage

Collapsible Storage Container

Home-Neat Compact 30 L Collapsible Folding Bucket Water Container| robust

Storing water is becoming an invaluable skill (is it really a skill or simply a choice?) during the water crisis. Invest in a storage container and take advantage of rainwater. Try this foldable  30-litre storage container. It’s collapsible allowing for a space-saving addition to your home.

JoJo Tanks

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For more ambitious water savings, the popular and trusted JoJo Tanks are perfect with massive storage capacities ranging from 1000, 4500, 5000 and 10000 litres. Smaller sizes are also available in 240 and 500 Litres, so, take your pick.




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