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Tasty Coconut Biscuit Recipes for the Weekend


There’s no better way to spend a lazy Sunday than baking a batch of biscuits. Baking is a great stress reliever and of course, there’s always the pay-off of getting to eat the fruits of your labour fresh out the oven! If you’re looking for something easy and quick to pull off then you can’t go wrong with coconut biscuits. Plus, with so many ways to make these tasty creations, you can really get creative with your weekend baking escapades. We’ve found three of the best coconut biscuits recipes for you to try this weekend, so what are you waiting for? Get ready, set, bake!

Best for beginners: Classic Coconut Cookies

Need a recipe for scrumptious biscuits? Try this quick coconut cookies recipe and get ready to wow your friends and family with your baking skills. If you don’t know how to make coconut biscuits, this is a great recipe to start off with. This quick 20-minute recipe will yield 30 cookies for a delicious weekend spent relaxing with loved ones.

Get the full recipe here.

Go nuts: Coconut almond biscuits

Love nuts? This recipe for coconut almond biscuits is a nut lover’s dream. Quick and easy to make, this is a great recipe for novice bakers who want to get a little creative in the kitchen. If you’ve made a few batches of classic coconut cookies before then this recipe is an ideal one to progress to and improve on your baking skills. It takes just 30 minutes to make and yields about 80 cookies!

Get the full recipe here.

Get up and go: Cappuccino coconut cookies

Coffee lovers will adore this exciting take on the classic coconut biscuit recipe. These yummy coffee-flavoured cookies are the ideal way to give your morning cup of coffee and extra boost. Enjoy them any time of day but we prefer them as a morning treat! This recipe is extremely easy to pull off and is a must-try for beginners. The secret? This easy peasy recipe makes use of Snowflake’s Easymix cappuccino muffin mix to cut down on time and ensure maximum coffee flavour! They take about 25 minutes to make and the recipe yields about 15 cookies so make them count!

Get the full recipe here.

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