Thursday, June 13

Sugar-Free, Bang Energy Launches in South Africa


Looking for a great-tasting, sugar-free energy drink to give you a boost when you’ve hit an energy slump? Bang Energy, the third-largest energy drink in the US, is now available in South Africa, and the range is sure to appeal to those who carefully consider their sugar and calorie intake.

The delicious-tasting, carbonated energy drinks are sugar-free and contain zero calories, carbohydrates, or artificial colourants. The range offers three flavours with each Bang drink containing 160mg of caffeine per 500-millilitre serving – equivalent to approximately 1.5 cups of coffee. The drinks are also enriched with B-vitamins for an added natural energy boost.

Bang Energy

Distributed by SG Gateway Services, Bang Energy is looking to bring an alternative energy drink option to the current sugar-laden energy category in South Africa. By introducing sugar-free ‘performance energy’ along with delicious new flavour profiles, the brand is sure to appeal to those who love energy drinks but are trying to cut back on their sugar intake. The low-calorie energy drink is ideal for health and fitness enthusiasts, athletes, gamers, extreme sports lovers, healthcare workers and more.

Bang’s initial South Africa launch features the Star Blast, Frosé Rosé, and Rainbow Unicorn variants, which are now available from leading retail stores across the country.

Bang Energy

Says Nicole Lee Irwin, National Key Account Manager at SG Gateway Services, “We are delighted to launch this epic brand in South Africa. Bang has pioneered the performance energy segment and attracted the next generation of energy drink consumers. We are confident that Bang will be a welcome disruption to the energy category in the country, delivering great-tasting drinks in striking packaging and giving consumers a superior and ‘cleaner’ energy alternative”.

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