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Say Bye-Bye to Winter Weary Lips with Blistex Conditioning Serum [Review]


Winter can wreak havoc on your skin, especially your lips! In preparation for the cold weather, we’ve been on the lookout for some of the best lip balms and products on the market and this new product from Blistex really made us sit up and take notice. While it’s no secret that serums are a must-use for the face during winter, have you ever considered treating your lips with the same care? Designed to help save winter weary lips from a dry, cracked existence, the new Blistex Conditioning Serum is the best thing you can do to protect your lips this winter.

Packed with skin loving ingredients like olive oil, Omega 3, vitamin E and avocado oil, this daily serum will help save dry, cracked lips when cold weather take its toll. It works to deeply hydrate and condition the delicate lip skin, leaving you with soft, supple lips.

The serum has a silky, lotion-like texture to it and a sweet, fruity taste and it absorbs fairly quickly into the lips, leaving them beautifully nourished. When applied, the serum leaves a glossy finish on the lips, without being sticky, so you can apply a lipstick over it with ease. Packaged in a small palm-sized pump bottle, the serum can be used once a day at night before bed time. One very small pump of the product is all you need to treat your lips.

Find the new Blistex Conditioning Serum and a range of other Blistex products online via PriceCheck.

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