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Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods – Which are Better?


While the battle of the screen-sizes, chip-power, and camera capabilities has died down a bit between the two powerhouses of the tech world, the war between who has the better earpods is now raging.

On the one side, we have Samsung with their Galaxy Buds, which have just seen an upgrade for 2019; while Apple has introduced the second iteration of its quickly-adopted AirPods. But, what do critics and reviewers have to say about Samsung and Apple’s in-ear Bluetooth accessories?

Samsung Galaxy Buds

What are they:

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds are tailor-made for the firm’s sparkling new flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, but work on just about any Android phone with wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity, making them an incredibly flexible and accessible option.

Key features

  • Light, discreet, comfortable design.
  • Six-hour battery life.
  • Tiny case with wireless charging.

Available from: InstatronicsSnapcraze

Price: from R1,999

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Apple AirPods (2019)

The new AirPods’ marquee upgrades are more talk time (three hours instead of two), quicker Siri access, and a wireless charging case at an additional cost, but they look to be the tweaked improvement iPhone users have been looking for. Key features

  • Brilliantly simple setup
  • Sleek Apple design
  • Wireless charging
  • Clear, solid connection
  • Easy access to Siri

Available from: PC Link Computers, Takealot

Price: from around R3,000

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