Tuesday, May 11

Roland’s BTM-1 Portable Speaker Doubles as a Guitar Amp!


Bluetooth speakers are all the rage, but to be fair, most of them aren’t very dynamic in terms of what inputs they allow for. Roland, the specialist music and audio brand, has come up with their own Bluetooth speaker which blurs the line between a portable speaker and guitar amp.

The company’s new BTM-1 speaker features an advanced cabinet and housing design, as well as custom speakers, so its audio quality should be impressive and accurate. But, and most notably, the best part about it is the guitar-jack on the side.


It might be easy to think this is merely a little tech gimmick with little function behind it, but it even includes Gain, Tone, and Level adjustment dials and an FX button that can initiate a delay for a bit of extra sound diversity. In addition, it has a stereo aux input and a headphone socket. You can even plug instruments other than electric guitars into the sockets if you need some extra sound power, so this is a great option for musicians that are on the move in general.

There’s no confirmed availability details or price-tag just yet, but rumours suggest that the BTM-1 will be an Amazon exclusive.

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