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Review Roundup: Code Vein, Grid & Tropico 6


Heading into the festive season period, we’re in the busy phase of the gaming release calendar, with some big-name titles dropping on an almost-weekly basis. We’ve rounded up three recent releases and given them our quick review to find out whether you should buy them or not.

Code Vein

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Code Vein is A Dark Souls-like action game, with an injection of Japanese high-intensity action, following a vampiric clan in a post-apocalyptic earth, and while it’s difficult to not make comparisons between Namco Bandai’s hard-as-nails fantasy series, Code Vein does a fantastic job at carving out its own identity. More frantic action, vampiric super powers, beautiful anime-style visuals, and an AI teammate make the game a lot more accessible and immediately exciting for newcomers to the genre. If you’re looking for a fan action-RPG that’ll throw a notable challenge your way, Code Vein is worth putting on your Christmas list.

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Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Some racing fans may be familiar with Codemasters’ (who helmed the Dirt and F1 gaming series) lesser-known franchise, Grid. After two releases on the previous generation, Grid gets somewhat of a soft-reboot, bringing a mix of different on-street disciplines for racing fans to indulge in. It’s a little more arcade-y than other games on the market, avoiding being bogged down by too much technical nuance and allowing you to rewind after a crash. It also features a fun Nemesis system (making the AI aggressive if you prod or bump them), which gives a bit of spice to the aggressive driving that’ll be more prominent throughout each race. There isn’t much to dive into off the track, with the efforts clearly being put into the moment-to-moment racing gameplay, and thankfully that delivers.

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Tropico 6

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

The latest instalment in the Tropico construction and management sequel, that’ll definitely appeal to aspiring tyrants or peaceful leaders. As with previous games in the series, players are able to build their cities across colonial, modern, and wartime eras on the tropical nation of Tropico, along with a new feature letting players build on an archipelago of smaller, connected islands. It’s a tried-and-tested gameplay formula that’s incredibly addictive, and far more satisfying for those Sim City and Sims fans who are looking for a more direction and fun. There is quite a lot to learn and get to grips with as you begin the game, but once you’re deep into your reign and your colony is running smoothly, the game does a great job at always giving you something to strive for or an opportunity exploit your power.

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