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Review: Resident Evil 3


The Playstation 1 classic Resident Evil 3 is back, but this time in a completely reworked form, with new graphics, an over-the-shoulder camera, and enhanced mechanics. Like the original, the game stars Jill Valentine as she tries to escape Racoon City while dodging an unstoppable creature known as Nemesis; but should you sink your teeth into this resurrected horror veteran?

It’s good to note that, like 2019’s Resident Evil 2Resident Evil 3 is a full remake of the original game, not just a remaster. Everything has been rebuilt from the ground-up on Capcom’s gorgeous RE Engine, which also powered 2017’s Resident Evil 7. Thanks to the impressive visuals that the engine can produce, RE 3 looks spectacular. Character models are extremely detailed and lifelike, neon-lit streets and flickering diner lights keep the environments feeling real and interesting, and enemies are as grotesque and slimy as they’ve ever been.

From a design perspective, the original Resident Evil 3 was a bit more of a step in the action-orientated, bombastic tone of the franchise, but still kept the tension and horror in check, making it a favourite amongst fans. The remake tries to remind us of that by keeping to the slow and foreboding pace, but giving Jill some moments of sheer chaos to endure. Thankfully, she has some new tricks up her sleeve.

Capcom has added a dodge manoeuvre, which allows you to strafe away from danger. This comes in handy when dodging more powerful enemies or backing away from a shambling horde quickly. It doesn’t open much of a gap, but gives you just enough time to get out of a sticky situation, and this added manoeuvrability makes Jill feel like more of a badass in comparison to playing as Claire in Resident Evil 2.

Gamers who’ve played previous Resident Evil titles and who are familiar with the systems will likely only spend around 6 hours with RE 3, so it’s not the longest game around; however, it does come bundled with Resident Evil: Resistance. This multiplayer component allows 4 players to team-up online and take on missions, while a fifth player acts as an evil mastermind, spawning enemies and taking control of bioweapons to try and stop the other players. It’s not going to set the multiplayer world on fire, but it’s a fun distraction to break up the campaign of RE 3.

While it has only been a year since the release of Resident Evil 2‘s remake, it seems like Capcom has fine-tuned all the good things to make them stand out even further with Resident Evil 3. It’s one of the best action-horror games you’ll find this side of the console generation, and one which captures the heart and bleeding-soul of the RE franchise.

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