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Review: ghd Air Hairdryer


Well-loved for its impressive range of professional styling tools, ghd is every woman’s go-to for a good hair day. While most women love the brand for its flat iron styling tools, ghd is quickly becoming the go-to brand for other hot styling tools as well. The brand took its first step into the world of professional hairdryers in 2012 with the launch of the ghd Air. The revolutionary styling too boasted salon-quality styling and faster drying speeds of many of its consumer rivals at the time when similar professional products were selling for much more. ghd’s first attempt at a professional hairdryer was a huge success but, how does the most recent version of the hairdryer fair? Can the ghd Air still hold its own against the myriad of cheaper competitors that have flooded the market since it first hit the shelves?

Eight years on, the ghd Air is still a well-built, stylish hair dryer that holds it own against other hairdryers on the market. But its high price also means it may not be the ideal choice for everyone. If you style your hair often with a hairdryer then the ghd Air could very well be the hairdryer of your dreams.

 ghd Air

The ghd Air offers a sturdy, well-built design with a luxurious feel. It’s not exactly the most compact dryer on the market and it’s not particularly lightweight but ghd had designed the dryer and balanced the barrel in such a way that the dryer doesn’t feel overly heavy during use. A black matte finish, chrome styling, and chunky red and black buttons, add to the hairdryers chic appearance.

Like its flat irons, ghd has managed to pack a decent amount of tech into a sleek design with the ghd Air. When it comes to features the Air houses a 2100W motor with ionic technology. With two power settings and two heat settings, found on the rear of the handle, plus a cold shot button on the inside of the handle, the ghd Air offers all the features you’ll need.

 ghd Air

The position of the setting and temperature buttons makes the Air easy to use no matter which hand you use it with and it also means you’re less likely to accidentally switch it off while drying your hair. The Air also comes with a 3-metre-long power cord that offers flexibility to your styling and allows for easy movement of the hairdryer around you.

While many other hairdryers on the market often come with a few attachments, the ghd Air only comes with two concentrator nozzles, with other attachments sold separately. If you’re desperate for the other attachments, this may make it a more expensive choice in the long run. It’s also one of the quietest dryers I’ve used in a long time.


While the Air isn’t the fastest dryer on the market, its frizz-reducing properties, thanks to the ionic technology, are impressive. You get a great, sleep blowdry when using this dryer for styling purposes and you definitely notice less breakage from hot stealing after extended use. If you’re looking to rough dry your locks or define curls you’re probably better off buying one of the attachments for a better result.

While the ghd Air is a top-of-the-range hairdryer, there are more affordable options available with many of the same features. With this professional dryer you are no doubt getting a stellar product but with the hefty price tag it does seem like you’re paying more for the brand name than its features.

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