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Review: Darksiders Genesis


Darksiders Genesis might go back to the origin of the series, but it does a lot to push the franchise toward the future too. This makes Darksiders Genesis a game which appeals to fans of the series, while also becoming an attractive alternative for longtime isometric RPG fans who love the likes of Diablo and Titan Quest.

The most notable change is to the third-person action adventure formula established with 2010’s original Darksiders is the chance of camera perspective. The top-down, Diablo-esque layout is a surprising change for the franchise, but it doesn’t sway Genesis from being a true-to-form Darksiders experience.

The change in camera perspective is a bold move. Shifting the camera angle to something more in line with classic dungeon-crawlers does work excellently when it comes to showcasing the game’s colourful, comic-book inspired level design.

A new feature to the franchise is the addition of co-operative play. The Darksiders series has always been hinting at the possibility of playing as more than one of the Horseman at any given time, and Genesis allows you to play through the game solo (where you switch between War and Strife on the fly), or co-operatively where you and a buddy can take control of either one of the characters.

Obviously this mixes up the gameplay variety, giving you close, hard-hitting combat when utilising War, and more long-range, quicker attacks when switching to Strife. Swapping between the two is seamless and provides some strategy to how you take on certain enemies. If your style is big and powerful, War will be your go-to, and if you’re a long-range specialist, Strife delivers the goods – but you’ll need to capitalise on each one’s strengths to succeed.

Story-wise, the game follows two of the Four Horseman of the Apocalyse, War and Strife, who are tasked with killing a handful of powerful demons who are causing problems in the Balance – you know, the whole light and dark equilibrium that needs to be maintained. The back-and-forth between the stoic War and sarcastic Strife is an enjoyable aspect of the story, and allows gamers to learn more about the Darksiders world and lore through some great dialogue.

Though it is a different set-up than veteran Darksiders fans are familiar with, Genesis does deliver a highly enjoyable and pivotal chapter in the franchise that will convert even the greatest skeptics.

Darksiders Genesis is available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC.

Darksiders Genesis Review


  • Fast, fluid combat
  • Fantastic dialogue
  • Gorgeous visuals


  • Perspective shift may deter longtime fans.

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