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Review: Puma Hybrid Astro – Puma’s New Technology Packed Running Shoe


Investing in a good pair of trainers is essential for anyone who likes to run. Not only will a pair of top quality running shoes make your running experience more enjoyable, but it can also help reduce your risk of injury. If you’re hoping to spend more time racking up kilometres on the road, than on the couch icing your road-weary joints, then a pair of decent running shoes is an essential investment. If you’re looking for a running shoe with plenty of support and cushioning, Puma’s new Hybrid Astro running shoe could be the perfect fit.

Whether you’re a casual jogger who enjoys the occasional 5km Parkrun or an experienced runner with several marathons under belt, Puma‘s new Hybrid Astro running shoes are bound to impress. Packed with technological innovations, this new addition to Puma’s Hybrid range offers a premium running experience. Featuring Puma’s Hybrid Foam, these shoes offer an ultra-comfortable running experience. Combing two of Puma’s most innovative technologies — Ignite Foam and NRGY beads — Puma’s Hybrid Foam works to give you the ultimate cushioning and responsiveness during your run.

Puma Hybrid Astro

Puma Hybrid Astro women’s shoes,

The new running shoe for men and women also features Puma’s Netfit lacing technology at the midfoot to lock in support and offer a customisable fit. Together with Puma’s Hybrid Foam, the Netfit technology enables you to lace the shoes almost any way you’d like to help limit movement within the shoe.

Whether you have wide feet, narrow feet, or are looking for more stability at the ankles, Puma’s Hybrid Astro offers multiple ways to lace up, making it a great choice for anyone who prefers a snug, controlled fit.

Puma Hybrid Astro

Puma Hybrid Astro men’s shoes,

Offering incredible cushioning and support, these shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and a dream to run in. While many running shoes offer just one or two types of technology, the Puma Hybrid Astros are a triple threat of technological advancement. They’re a great addition to the Puma Hybrid range and offer some of the best running shoe technology from the last few years, all in one shoe.

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