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PriceCheck’s 5 Favourite XMAS Albums This Festive Season


As Christmas rolls around this year, PriceCheck has reached deep down into our musical archives and compiled our five favourite albums for this holiday season. However, we also had to take into account some new offerings and thus included two recently released CD’s for 2011!

First up we have Mariah Carey with the 1994 released titled ‘Merry Christmas’. The 41 year-old mother of twins gave the music world this gem right off the heels of her multi-platinum selling ‘Music Box’ album. This festive CD spawned what the The New Yorker considers “one of the few worthy modern additions to the holiday canon”.  It is also currently the most played Christmas song in the UK. The album went on to sell over 5 million copies in the United States and prompted Carey to record a sequel called ‘Merry Christmas II You’.

Next on our list is ‘Noel’ by pop-classic singer Josh Groban. The album was released in 2007 and immediately shot to the summit of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart in the US. It sold in excess of 5 million copies and was featured as one of ‘Oprah’s Favourite Things’ that year.  The ever popular singer also recently made a trip to South Africa for live performances this year!

Number three on our list is a very recent release. It comes from the widely popular Canadian crooner Michael Buble. ‘Christmas’ – the name of the album – is the 5th studio album by the singer and was released just last month. It is Buble’s second Christmas themed offering following ‘Let It Snow’, which was a 5 song EP in 2003. Buble also does a cover version of the Mariah Carey penned classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ as well as traditional songs such as ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Blue Christmas’.

The number four favourite album comes from none other than Justin Bieber aka The Biebster! The teenager, who has reached great success in the music world, has released his festive season album called ‘Under The Mistletoe’ just over a week ago. Just like Buble, the album contains a cover version of Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ but as a duet with Mariah herself.  According to MTV News Bieber was extremely excited to work with Carey saying, “Mariah Carey is doing it with me! It’s incredible. So excited”.  The album features collaborations with Usher as well as BoyzIIMen. The track called ‘Mistletoe’ is the first single to be released off the album.

Last but certainly not least we have our number five FAVOURITE XMAS CD – Christmas With Boney M! You simply cannot visit a store in the mall or switch on the telly without seeing or hearing Boney M’s XMAS tunes! The album was released exclusively in South Africa at first and remained an extremely popular album through the 80’s! The album features the original recording of “Mother and Child Reunion” with Reggie Tsiboe and La Mama, making this CD a very sought- after Boney M collectors album!

So there you have it, PriceCheck’s FIVE FAVOURITE XMAS albums for 2011.

Comment and let us know what your favourite HOLIDAY album or song is!


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