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PriceCheck Reviews: 3 Kitchen Appliances for Effortless Home Cooking


Being a great home cook doesn’t mean you have to master all the techniques of a great chef. When creating tasty meals at home, it’s best to work smart, not hard! Whether you love cooking, but can never seem to find enough time for it or are completely terrified of cooking, because it seems so darn complicated – then you’ve reached the right place.

The first step towards having an efficient and hassle-free cooking experience at home is to have an arsenal of functional kitchen appliances by your side. With the right kitchen tools and appliances, cooking can be a fun and effortless process. The right products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques.

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From effortless grinding and blending with the Eiger Vortex Nutri Blender, to easy fried chicken with the Russell Hobbs Purifry Max airfryer — these innovative small kitchen appliances are all you need to become a MasterChef in the comfort of your own home.

Eiger Vortex Nutri Blender

Eiger Vortex Nutri Blender

If you make a lot of puréed soups and sauces from scratch or enjoy a morning smoothie, then an easy-to-use food processor and blender should be at the top of your wish list. You could spend a fortune on a high-powered blender, but the inexpensive Eiger Vortex NutriBlender works quickly and efficiently and gives you a top-notch end result, that’s just as good as a blender you would find in a professional kitchen.

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The 8-piece Eiger NutriBlender is a brilliant dupe for the pricey NutriBullet and produces a smoother consistency for blended ingredients than just about any other blender. This Eiger 1000-watt model earned our top recommendation when we tested it and compared the results to other blenders we have tried in the past. It’s incredibly intuitive, with a simple one-touch button that allows you to blend and grind in a flash. Whether you’re creating a quick smoothie for an easy breakfast, whipping up dairy-free yoghurt, or finely grinding nuts, seeds, or grains for a variety of wholesome recipes — it’s super easy with the Eiger NutriBlender.

Eiger Vortex Nutri Blender

Not only did it blend a super-consistent smoothie every time, but I also used it to create the creamiest Chai Latte Frappuccinos at home, saving me a few trips to my local Starbucks (and more than a few bucks!). What’s more, I even tried my hand at whipping up the creamiest peanut butter from a couple of cups of unsalted peanuts and I felt like a real kitchen whiz creating my own dairy-free yoghurt from scratch using coconut cream, lemon juice, and fresh fruit.

All this brilliance is thanks to its interchangeable blender and grinder blade attachments (each features 4 stainless steel blades) and two jar sizes, which allow you to handle smaller batch sizes much more efficiently than other blender counterparts with only one blending jar size. To clean, simply blend soap and water, and you’re ready to keep creating!

Finding the best price on a NutriBullet in South Africa be tricky, so why not opt for something like the Eiger Vortex NutriBlender, which offers the same ease of use and results? The Eiger Vortex NutriBlender is available in South Africa at R999.

Russell Hobbs Purifry Max

Russell Hobbs Purifry Max Air Fryer


The Russell Hobbs Purifry Max is a super powerful air fryer for home use. The appliance heats up to 200°C for fast and evenly cooked meals and the pause and stop buttons allow you to remove the inner pot while cooking and then resume cooking where you left off when the pot is returned. The appliance uses patented Cyclone Heating technology for faster and healthier cooking at home. If you’re all about convenience, then use the Smart Memory technology to save your settings for favourite meals.

With a 3.2 litre capacity, this air fryer is big enough to fit a whole chicken or 500g of potato chips, making it perfect for a large family. Russell Hobbs Purify Max also comes with a handy basket divider, so you can split the basket in two, to cook two different foods at the same time without them bumping into each other. It’s also simple to use and easy to clean, and features an innovative detachable and dishwasher-safe heating element.

Finding the best price on air fryers in South Africa can be a difficult task, the trick is to shop around and do your research! If you’re after the best air fryer for your budget, then this may be a great option to consider. The Russell Hobbs Purifry Max is available in South Africa at R3,100.

Eiger Vitalic Health Grill

Eiger Vitalic Health Grill

While many of us are not fortunate enough to have a built-in grill plate on our stove tops as you would find in many professional kitchens, that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up grilled delicacies at home. Investing in an easy-to-use counter-top health grill will prove to be an absolute asset in your kitchen at home.

Not only is cooking on a grill healthier, because you use little to no oil, but grilled meat and vegetables are also incredibly tasty and satisfying to eat! The Eiger Vitalic Health Grill is a brilliant multipurpose grill that offers versatility for every cooking occasion.  This versatile grill can grill anything from red meat and chicken to fish, paninis and vegetables.

Dreaming of a braai, but the weather is not playing along? Open the Eiger grill to 180 for an easy indoor ‘braai’ taste with friends and family. The grill’s large 280 x 240 mm grilling surface and adjustable position enable you to whip up perfectly grilled food for up to 4 people. The grill’s floating hinge enables you to adjust to the thickness of your food, while angled grill plates ensure that excess fat drains into the drip tray.

The grill is safe and easy to use on your counter at home and the stainless steel housing features a cool-touch handle, that makes cooking and handling the machine safe and easy. We used the grilled to cook up all sorts of dishes from quick toasted sandwiches to tasty grilled chicken, to steaks, and more. The Eiger Vitalic Health Grill ensures fast, even grilling every time with its double-sided contact plates and an adjustable thermostat knob allows for precise, accurate grilling.

The best news is, the Eiger Vitalic Health Grill is super easy to clean, thanks to the non-stick grill plates and removable fat drip tray.

The Eiger Vitalic Health Grill is available in South Africa at R1,199.


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