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PriceCheck Buyer’s Guide: How to Find The Best Prices on Back-to-School Essentials


January is a notoriously tough month for parents – especially when tackling back-to-school requirements like new uniforms and stationery lists. But, forget hitting the malls to fight off the hoards of parents shopping for their little darlings, stay home and do your back-to-school shopping online from the comfort of your couch instead.

Avoid the back-to-school rush, and find the best prices on back-to-school essentials online. Shopping online not only saves time but also helps to keep you focused on the list and not browse any unnecessary items. From stationery and backpacks to lunch box must-haves, PriceCheck is the place to find the best prices on all your back-to-school essentials. To get you started on your scholarly list, here are our tips to help you spend less when shopping for back-to-school essentials.

school uniform

Make a list

Before setting off and buying everything on the school’s list, make an inventory of what school supplies your child already has and what they definitely need for the new year. Making a list will help curb any unnecessary expenses on duplicate items and will also help keep you focused on what your child actually needs.

Check out the back-to-school sales and specials

Do some research on the specials retailers are running and compare prices. PriceCheck’s school supplies section brings together all the best prices from multiple retailers who are offering unbeatable value on the most popular and most-needed stationery items – including combo deals and value packs, to assist parents in getting the most out of their purchases.


Some of the top stationery must-haves to look out for include:

BIC 4+3 free packs of ballpoint pens in blue or black.
• Bostik wax crayon twisters.
Pritt glue stick 3 pack.
Exercise books.
Casio scientific calculator.

Many retailers will also be running specials on laptops for students, tablets, lunch items, school backpacks, and laptop bags so keep an eye out for those essentials if your child is in need of big-ticket items as well.

Swap out with friends

Often friends or family members may have items such as school clothing that don’t fit their children anymore but would be perfect for yours. Ask around and see what school uniform items you can swap or purchase second-hand with friends and family.

school shoes

Do a uniform inventory

Double-check your child’s school uniform before sending them back to school and make sure they don’t need new socks, shirts, ties, or even school shoes. School shoes are an essential item for any child. Whether it’s a pair of classic leather school shoes or modern tennis shoes, preferred by many private schools today, it’s important for a child to have a comfortable pair of shoes to pair with their school uniform.

Of course, finding the balance between comfortable and affordable can be tricky for parents with growing children. If your child loves sports, you’ll also need to track down the perfect shoes for the sports field. Finding the best price on good-quality school shoes and sports is vital and PriceCheck is the perfect place to start to find the best in school shoes and sports shoes for the new year.


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