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PriceCheck Buyer’s Guide: Best Handheld Portable Gaming Consoles in South Africa


With loadshedding continuing to interrupting our daily lives, gamers are finding themselves with less and less game time available. Powering a gaming rig or even a larger console and TV can be a big ask for a loadshedding solution like a portable power station or inverter, not to mention a pricey option.

Investing in a portable, handheld (and rechargeable!) gaming system may be just the answer you’re looking for to beat the loadshedding-induced gaming blues. Even better, it’s not just a loadshedding expense as you can use your console when travelling and out and about as well.

While the broader video game industry tends to focus on the latest, biggest games for powerhouse consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, mobile gaming is booming while people search for easy portable gaming console options for when they’re on the go. But, while smartphones may be able to offer plenty of gaming options for casual gamers, dedicated handheld gaming systems offers a superior gaming experience, with better controls, graphics, and games.

But what is the best portable, handheld gaming console available in South Africa? We break down the best handheld consoles for gamers on the go, featuring heavy hitters like Nintendo and Apple.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

For many gamers, the undisputed best handheld console is the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. As we’re recommending purely handheld and portable consoles, we’ve highlighted the Nintendo Switch Lite, but for much of the same reasons we love the original Nintendo Switch.

With a library of games ranging from Nintendo blockbusters to indie darlings, the Switch offers some of the best games on any portable gaming console. Plus, with fun colourways, an intuitive button layout, great battery life, expandable storage via micro SD, and newly added Bluetooth audio connectivity, the Switch Lite is an all-around top-tier handheld gaming system.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED

For a more premium experience, check out the Nintendo Switch OLED, which offers some subtle but significant upgrades to the original Switch gaming console. The gaming console features a much bigger, brighter, and more vivid 7-inch OLED panel. The Switch OLED also features more internal storage and an improved docking tray. Being able to take the Switch OLED on the go and plug it into a TV to enjoy at home makes it a very versatile option for gamers who like to keep things interesting.

Asus ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG Phone 5

The best handheld gaming console is arguably the one you already have on you, and that’s why it’s worth considering a dedicated gaming phone, like the Asus ROG Phone 5 gaming smartphone. This excellent gaming smartphone is powerful enough to run any game on Android, which means you can enjoy both casual handheld titles as well as longer sit-down-and-play experiences, with the help of a mobile gaming controller.

Android smartphones now have access to a variety of cloud gaming services, from Google Stadia, to Nvidia GeForce Now, to Xbox Cloud Gaming, so no matter what game you’re keen on, the Asus ROG Phone 5 will likely have what you want to play. With the ROG Phone 5’s large screen and fast refresh rate, you can play many of your favorite console and PC games from anywhere in your home — or anywhere with a strong enough WiFi connection.


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