Thursday, August 6

Playstation 5: New Leak Suggests Built-in Camera


While we don’t know too many official details about next-generation Playstation console, a new leak has added some fuel to the rumour-fire regarding what the PS5 could entail.

According to an inside source, Sony’s Playstation 5, which is codenamed ‘Prospero’, will feature a built-in camera with its primary purpose being for gamers to stream

It makes sense for Sony to offer gamers the choice to capture and stream gameplay, along with filming themselves, given that streaming is a huge part of gaming culture at the moment.

Another interesting piece of information is that Sony recently filed a patent for a 3D holographic display screen, which could be associated with the PS5 or another device, however, its implementation on the next-gen DualShock controller (for example) could be a massive leap forward in technology.

Of course, all this information should be taken with a huge handful of salt, given that Sony hasn’t confirmed anything as of yet.

We’re expecting to see Sony’s successor to the Playstation 4 sometime in 2020.

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