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travel adaptor
If you’re travelling with technology then you should definitely pack a travel adapter.
luggage scale
If you tend to overpack, invest in a luggage scale to avoid unpacking items at the airport.
The type of luggage you’ll use is largely dependent on the length of your stay. Choose wisely.
travel pillow
Long commutes can be exhausting. Travel pillows offer some comfort on the go.
combination lock
Keep temptation at bay with combination locks for your luggage, notebook or laptop.
luggage tag
Buy quality luggage tags as they get shuffled and can easily become detached during handling.
Use a waistpack to keep your money, cards, mobile phone, and travel documents safe.
If you’ll be without electricity, a power bank will ensure that your portable devices stay powered on.
first aid kit
Having a first aid kit at hand is a must-have item for adventure travel and remote places.
Big cities can be daunting if you don’t know how to travel from one point to the next. Personal navigators serve as a travel companion and guide from point A to Z.
A camera should be on your top ’10 items to pack’ list. Compact point-and-shoot cameras are perfect for recreational travel photography.
waterproof bag
Heading to the beach? Feel confident enough to take a dip with your valuables safely attached to your person with a handy waterproof bag / pouch.
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