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Nike’s New App Will Help You Find Your Exact Shoe Size When Shopping Online


Shopping for shoes online can be tricky. Even if you’ve worn the same shoe size since puberty, finding the perfect fit when ordering online isn’t always the easiest. No two shoes have the exact same fit, even within the same shoe brand. Luckily, Nike is trying to make life a little bit easier for customers ordering online with the new Nike Fit app. Designed to help customers have peace of mind when shopping for footwear online this new app will indeed go a long way to improving the online shopping experience.

According to Nike, 60% of people wear the wrong size shoe, and a whopping 27% of Nike shoes bought online are returned for that reason. A poor shoe fit can be a big problem, especially when it comes to fitness footwear. The Nike Fit aims to help customers find the right shoe in the right size, without having to visit a store to try on a shoe.

The app enables customers to scan their feet at home using their smartphone camera before ordering their desired shoe online and instantly gives them all the info they need to find the perfect shoe fit. Using AR to take your measurements, the app compares your feet to each shoe in its current catalogue before letting you know your perfect fit size for each style of shoe. Accurate to within 2 millimetres, the app examines each foot in its entirety, not just length and width, which then helps suggest the best fit in every model.

Customers can specify fit preference within the app as well, giving them even greater control over finding the perfect fit in any Nike shoe. Along with personal preferences, the app also takes into account the outside material, lacing and intended use of the shoe to ascertain your perfect size for that model.

Nike Fit will roll out for iOS and Android in the U.S in July. There is currently no word as to when the app will be available for South African consumers but South Africans will be able to use the U.S version of the app for now and convert to local sizes. 

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