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Nest Brings Smartphone-Integrated Security to Your Home


Smartphones have helped usher in the generation of reinvention, allowing traditionally analogue or manual activation processes to be reworked using your mobile device, and the security industry is one of those fields which is seeing a huge overhaul.

A perfect example of this is the Nest Alarm System, which gives you handheld access to your home security.

The three-part system includes the “Guard Base”, is a small central hub about the size of a tennis ball that facilitates the function of the rest of the system, and serves as an alarm, motion sensor, and a keypad where you punch in your passcode when you enter your house.

Next up is the Detect sensors: these are small motion-sensors you can place on doors, windows or other areas where you’d like to pick up motion. They’ll sound the alarm whenever the door or window they’re attached to opens – but they can also double as little mini-Guard Bases by detecting motion in a room.

The last piece of the puzzle is Tag keychain you can keep on you that’ll save you the hassle of having to type in your passcode when you use the Guard Base, so it does a pretty good impression of near-field communication by allowing you to disarm the Guard Base by simply swiping your tag near it.

Check it out in action below:

Lastly – and the most high-tech part, is that you’ll be able to monitor and interact with the entire system from a smartphone app where you can interact with all the functionality of the setup from wherever you are.

The whole kit retails for around $500 (around R6,800)– which isn’t too bad considering the costs of alarm installation, and this comes with the added benefit of being easily controlled from your pocket, so you’ll be kept in the loop of what’s going on wherever you are.

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