Tuesday, May 18

Kickstarter Project Introduces a Pocket-Sized Gym for All Fitness Fanatics


The fitness industry is currently enjoying a massive boom, and luckily, more and more people are getting involved in fitness programs of one kind or another for their own health. But, let’s be honest, making it to an actual gym on a routine basis isn’t always practical or even possible, so home fitness products are a great option for a lot of folks.

The developers behind the Pocket Monkii have designed a highly compact home gym tool that works on similar suspension principles used by a few existing products. It hooks into the top of a door, and by using high-strength bands, you can do a lot of strength and core training exercises.

Whether you want to try variations of chest fly exercises, pull-ups for a back workout, or single leg squats by using the Pocket Monkii to lift the leg you’re not working. there are a ton of possibilities to incorporate into your own fitness regimen. This is best for people who either don’t have the time to make it to a gym, or who maybe travel so frequently they need their exercise equipment to go with them wherever they are.

Check out this video explaining how the product works:

So head over to their Kickstarter page if you’re interested in backing them with a small donation, or a larger one with some great perks!

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