Thursday, June 13

Jacobs Relaunches Cappuccino Range with a Creamier Taste & Less Sugar


Jacobs Coffee is proud to announce its new instant cappuccino range, giving consumers a healthier, creamier and more sustainable choice when it comes to enjoying coffee shop quality coffee in their homes. Jacobs says this new formulation offers a creamier taste with fewer calories per cup, giving Jacobs fans what they want without compromising on the taste they have come to know and enjoy from Jacobs coffee.

According to Jacobs, the relaunch of the Jacobs cappuccino range is all about making its consumers happy. The team says, not only did they take into consideration the taste and sugar of the mixes, but also the sustainability of the packaging. The range boasts 27% less cardboard per box and 45% less foil for each sachet.

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The Jacobs cappuccino range means that consumers don’t necessarily need an expensive coffee machine to enjoy that coffee shop-quality cup of coffee whenever and wherever. Perfect for use on-the-go and at the office, the sachets are a coffee lover’s dream come true.

The range includes flavours for everyone including Classic Cappuccino, Vanilla, Reduced Sugar, Mocha and Choc Hazelnut, and is available at all major retailers at the RSP of R54,99 for a box of 10 sachets.

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