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J.C. le Roux Launches Limited Edition Collection for Festive Season


2018 is almost over and the holiday season is finally here! Arriving just in time for all the festivities and celebrations is the new J.C. le Roux Radiance Collection. Inspired by the beauty and brilliance of all things floral, this new range of bubblies is sure to add some vibrancy to your holiday season.

The same much-loved bubbly but, all dressed up for the holiday season this stunning new collection is for those who love their wine bottles to be as beautiful as their Christmas décor. The stylish J.C. le Roux Radiance Collection features new limited edition designs for the La Chanson, Le Domaine and La Fleurette sparkling wines in the range and each bottle foil is adorned with a unique floral design that fits in perfectly with a summery Christmas in South Africa.

The La Domaine bottle features the Plumeria flower, the La Fleurette with Tulips and the La Chanson with Poppies. Each special bloom was selected for the way they match the personality and notes of each sparkling wine, bringing an air of celebration and festivity. La Domaine is a delightfully youthful wine with the freshness of a Sauvignon Blanc and the soft sweetness of a Muscadel, whereas La Fleurette is playful and pink in colour. It reveals a perfect balance of sweet, fruity flavours like strawberry, plum and tropical fruit, and a rich Muscat note.

And for those who love to participate in the festivities but without the alcohol, the low-alcohol La Chanson offers something extra special for the holidays. Ruby-red in colour and boasting pleasantly sweet notes of strawberries and plums, this bubbly is a real winner for those who have been appointed ‘Designated Dave’ for the holidays.

The J.C. le Roux Radiance Collection retails at around R74.95 per bottle.

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