Tuesday, June 25

How to Make a YouTube Video


•    Any device that takes a video – mobile phone, video camera, digital camera, YouTube, some iPods, webcam, tablet.
•    A YouTube account
•    Imagination and creativity

1.    Make a movie using one of the above devices. An old VHS will only work if you transfer it to a digital file-you’ll need a digital converter to plug an older camcorder into the computer. You can upload a YouTube movie directly from a phone if you set up a Mobile Profile in YouTube. With a high speed connection, it should generally take a few minutes, give or take.

2.    Edit your movie. Programs such as Mac’s iMovie or Windows’ MovieMaker are both good to add titles, effects, cut out a bad take, etc.

3.    Resize the video so it looks best in YouTube. The site accepts QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or .MPG files at 340×240 resolution. There’s a 100MB size and 10 minute length limit.

4.    Create a YouTube account. Click on Upload Videos in the upper right corner of the home page.

5.    Create a title, description, tags, category, and set language. The more information the better, to help people find the video.

•    You can also use the Quick Capture feature to upload to YouTube straight from a webcam. No uploading needed.
•    Once you’ve got a video ready, upload it to other sites, like Google Video.
•    Market the video: post it on blogs, message boards, social networking sites, and email it.
•    Don’t post anything that’s copyrighted or libelous. Check the Terms of Service.

  • If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, be sure to check out Socialcam, the easiest way to share videos with your social networks.

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