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How to Efficiently Maintain Your Pool this Summer


Pool owners can attest that although having a pool is an excellent fixture for home entertainment, it’s also a commitment, especially during the hot summer months when it’s used the most.

However, maintaining your pool is more than just a chore. Done properly, with the proper pool maintenance equipment, can increase the pool’s longevity and help with its overall appearance by reducing unwanted debris and unwanted filter problems. An added, and very welcome advantage to effectively maintaining your pool is that you avoid pricey repairs.

To make your life easier, here are two crucial solutions to help you maintain your pool and save money this summer season.

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Pool water testing technique

Testing pool water and the chemical balance guide you on what your pool needs. It helps prevent unintended consequences such as over-treating and balances the water’s chemicals to ensure your pool equipment stays in great shape. Maintaining pool chemicals at ideal levels also prevents common issues of cloudy water, bacteria build-up, and surface damage, which can become very expensive to treat.

It is crucial to test your pool water regularly, experts suggest at least once a week. Regular water testing allows you to identify potential issues earlier and take the required corrective action. Pool maintenance is easier and much more cost-effective when done proactively.

Many hardware stores offer pool water analysis technology, such as Spin Touch, which allows customers to bring a sample of their pool water to be tested free of charge. The machine analyses the water and provides the customer with a written recommendation of what needs to be done to get the pool back to its normal sparkling clean condition. The Spin Touch technology also provides recommendations on which are the best pool cleaning and maintenance products to use depending on what system you use to maintain your pool.

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Pool covers

According to the Department of Energy’s energy saver platform, pools can lose water in several ways, mainly through evaporation. The evaporation rates of outdoor pools vary depending on the pool’s temperature as well as environmental elements including air temperature, humidity, and wind speed at the pool surface level. High summer temperatures mean that the evaporation rate will also be higher and one of the ways to control and limit this is through pool covers.

Pool covers have the potential to minimize the evaporation of pools saving water by up to anything between 50%–70%. To avoid this, look for a thermal pool cover. These unique pool covers are a lightweight solution, used to cover your pool for seasonal closings and to protect your pool from temperature extremes and debris.

A thermal pool cover increases the water retention potential as well as power and chemical savings. This in turn shrinks the overall footprint of the pool and reduces maintenance costs for the pool owner in the long term by providing more stable water temperatures.

The overall benefits of thermal pool covers are that you conserve water by reducing the amount of top-up water needed, and they help reduce the pool’s chemical consumption and cleaning time by keeping dirt and other debris out of the pool. An added benefit is thermal pool covers will keep the water warmer for longer making those summer dips just that much more enjoyable.

Many online hardware suppliers offer complete DIY pool solutions providing customers with all the essentials they need to effectively maintain their pools and save on both energy and water. Having a pool with clear and clean water will not only look and feel better but will also be good for the health of your family and friends.


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