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How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


Finding the right sunglasses can be a tricky affair, but selecting the right eyewear can not only look great, but alos accentuate your facial features and also expresses your personal sense of style. Here’s a basic guide on how to find the best sunglasses to suit your face shape.

Things to consider when selecting your frames:

  1. Your complexion – creating a little contrast usually works well (lighter frames on a darker skin; darker frames on lighter skin tones, etc.). If you have a pink tone to your skin, you should probably avoid pink frames – similarly with yellow-tones. Darker complexions can look fantastic is bright colours!
  2. The colour of your eyes – you can enhance eye-colour with similar as well as complementary coloured frames. For example: blue eyes will work well with frames in warmer colours (complementary colours like sienna, tortoise shell and oranges). But blue eyes also look great in frames that are cooler blue hues.
  3. Hair colour – frames that either contrast or ‘match’ the colour of your hair can both work well. Brunettes can generally pull off darker frames better than blondes (but this rule is not set in stone). Pulling your hair up and away from the face can really draw attention to a great pair of frames (especially with temple detail).
  4. Your profession – if you work in a more conservative environment, you might want your frames to be simpler, neutral or classic in shape and colour. However, if you work in a creative environment then your profession might allow you to get experimental with the colour and shape of your frames. (But, your personality and lifestyle will also play roles here!)

AND, you can have a frame for work and additional frames for other occasions!

  1. Your style – ask yourself: how would I describe the way I dress? Am I conservative, sporty, classic, vintage or outrageous in my dress style? Although, versatility and contrast is good, it is advisable to select glasses that work well with your individual style. But, there’s no reason why you can’t have more than one look (and more than one pair of specs!).
  2. The shape of your face – certain shapes balance other shapes. Remember, it’s all about using contrast to balance. More angluar frames, for example, will balance out a rounder face. If you have a strong square jaw, oval or rounded frames will soften angles of your face.

Sunglasses for Round Faces

If you’ve got a rounder face, the key thing to look for in a pair of glasses or sunglasses is something that has angles to off set the smoother lines of your face. This means that styles like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer with its squarer lenses and sharper lines will fit best.

Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Oval faces tend to strike a lucky balance between round and square-shaped faces, making it easier to pick and choose frames since most of them will flatter your features. One thing to avoid, though, is rounder and larger lens-style frames since the tear-drop design can elongate your face excessively.

Sunglasses for Square Faces

Not that surprising is that the advice for square faces is the opposite of round faces; so instead of hunting down angular frames, you’ll want frames with rounder lenses (even circular can work quite well, just look at John Lennon) to soften the more noticeable angles of your facial structure.

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