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Heineken Launches Alcohol-Free, Low-Calorie Beer in SA


The number of non-alcoholic beers available on the South African market is growing rather quickly. While Castle had a hugely successful launch with Castle Free a few months ago, other breweries are jumping onboard the bandwagon with similar offerings aimed at more health conscious beer lovers. The latest beer brand to throw its hat into the alcohol-free ring is Heineken with a new alcohol-free lager, Heineken 0.0.

South Africa is a beer loving nation of note, and the recent rise in demand for lower alcohol and lower calorie beer alternatives has been striking to say the least. Between 2010 and 2015, the European market for non-alcoholic beer grew by roughly 5%, while the overall demand in the beer industry fell during that same period. As South African consumers become more health conscious, it’s no surprise that the demand for alcohol-free products would increase on African soil as well.

But, while you might think these new alcohol-free offerings will be competing directly with alcoholic beers, experts and analysts are speculating that products like Heineken 0.0 will in fact compete with other non-alcoholic beverage options such as soft drinks.

Drinks such as Heineken 0.0 not only appeal to non-drinkers but health conscious consumers as well. With half the calories of a standard Heineken beer, and roughly half the calories of your average soft drink, drinking Heineken 0.0 is a no-brainer on a night out with mates.

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