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Growing Herbs Indoors


Having a herb garden at home means that your favourite herbs will always be on hand, ready to add vibrant flavours to your meals. Not just for the outdoors, indoor herb gardens are easier to maintain, are functional and can be an attractive focal point in your home, too. What to grow? What you grow will depend on the herbs that you prefer using. Basil, mint, rosemary and thyme are all favourites which are easily grown indoors in a pot. Each of which has both culinary and medicinal benefits.

  • Basil: Rich in vitamin A, calcium and potassium, it is commonly used in Italian and Thai cuisine.
  • Mint: An extremely versatile herb with a very distinct taste, and can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes, or as a tea to combat digestive problems.
  • Rosemary: A popular home remedy for migraines, this fragrant, flowering herb is often used to flavour meats and stuffing.
  • Thyme: Used to flavour chicken, pork and tomato based sauces. Thyme can also be used to ease a sore throat, or an upset stomach.

Getting started

gardening tools

Tools that you will need to keep your herbs in tip-top shape.

A few key things are required to ensure a flourishing indoor herb garden. They are:

  • Size does count: Yes, you want your herb pots to be pretty, but they need to be able to do the job, too. Make sure that the pot you choose is at least 10cm deep and has draining holes. You should also place a drip tray (an old saucer will do the trick) under the pot, to catch any excess water after that runs off when watering.
  • Be water-wise: Only water your herbs when the soil is dry. If you are unsure, simply stick your finger into the dirt to check. Overwatering your herbs could “drown” them, causing the roots to rot.
  • Let the light shine: Try, as best possible, to place your herbs by a sunny window. If this is a bit difficult in your space, placing them under fluorescent light will work too.
  • Snip, snip: Encourage new growth in your herbs by regularly trimming them.

Using a normal fluorescent tube light works well for indoor herb gardens and are available in range, from standard to ultra-chic/

Now that you have these tips and tricks, go on and enjoy the sight and smell of your very own herb indoor herb garden and all the benefits that it has to offer.


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