Tuesday, May 18

GPS Navigators, The Road User’s Secret Weapon


Direction is important in all spheres of life. Those that have it in general are more likely to be successful than those who do not have it. I am aware that I have made a generalisation and I am sure that you can relate to it as well.

So with the above in mind I thought I would look at the effects of a GPS. If you have a look on South African roads, motorists are seen using them to save petrol. It ultimately leads to a shorter distance being traveled by the road user, which is quite helpful especially with the traffic issues facing certain cities in South Africa.

GPS Navigators provide an economic solution to travelling, as well as peace of mind with regards to directions to a particular place. This is all done either by voice commands or pushing a few buttons of your GPS. Another benefit is that the road user will be able to get information such as obstacles, construction work and where traffic cameras are located, prior to travelling on that specific road. This information provides the ability for the road user to make alternative plans which potentially can save a lot of time and stress.

There are plenty of choices for the potential owner of a GPS in the form of TomTom and Garmin Navigators. It is not only limited to vehicle owners as motorcycle owners can also purchase them.


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