Sunday, April 11

Google Podcasts App Launches for Android


With podcasts becoming an increasingly popular medium for content producers, Google has released its Podcasts app for Android, allowing users to stream and download podcasts from a huge library of categories.

The app, which essentially aligns Google’s offerings as a competitor to the likes of Spotify and Castbox, gives users the capability to listen to any of the available podcasts for free, along with having playback speed settings as well as the ability to skip over prolonged silences.

Furthermore, being part of Google’s stable of apps, Podcasts is compatible with Google Assistant, allowing you to search for podcasts straight from the Assistant interface.

As with many of Google’s other apps, it can also be synced across different devices, so that with a single profile you’ll be able to keep track of which podcasts you’ve listened to and how far you’ve gotten will be tracked across any of your devices that have the app.

Google have also mentioned that they’re going to be using their AI and speech-to-text services to create a better podcast listening experience.

So if you’re a podcast fan head over to the Play Store to download it and see what’s on offer!

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