Saturday, February 27

Google announces a new feature in Android 8.1


Wi-fi hotspots are great because they let you save your precious mobile data, but often you connect to a free wi-fi hotspot find that it’s slower than a sloth on a lazy Sunday.

Google’s aware of this issue and is addressing it in the Android Oreo 8.1 software update.

Google says that connection speed will show under the names of public wi-fi networks and advises that speed can change with signal strength:

  • Slow: If you can use Wi-Fi calling, you can make phone calls and send texts.
  • OK: You can read webpages, use social media, and stream music.
  • Fast: You can stream most videos.
  • Very Fast: You can stream very high-quality videos.

If you don’t want to see network speed, open your device’s Settings app Settings app and then Network & Internet and then Wi-Fi and then Wi-Fi Preferences and then Advanced and then Network rating provider and then None.

NB: This feature will only be available in Android Oreo 8.1.

If you’re not sure which Android version is on your phone, click here to find out how to figure it out.

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