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Ghd Achieves the Impossible — Wet to Styled in One Tool


Hair care brand, ghd has released the next revolution in beauty technology — a 2-in-1 tool that takes you from wet to styled in one session. The new Ghd Duet Style is indeed the next big thing in dream hair.

When it comes to hair styling tools and products, Ghd is known to be one of the best. And now, the new Ghd Duet Style hot air styler is set to change everything you know about styling your hair at home. It is the first 2-in-1 hot air styler that transforms all hair types from wet to styled, with no damage.

Ghd Duet Style

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Say hello to AirFusion technology

Ghd’s new hair styling tool uses AirFusion technology that brings together the power of air flow and the performance of actively heated styling plates to deliver a sleek, smooth, and glossy style. Go directly from wet hair to straight, smooth locks with no heat damage and unprecedented softness. The unique air filter design allows for maximum airflow to be drawn into the air styler, guaranteeing powerful performance to quickly dry and style hair with just one tool.

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The styler smart styling plates help to seal the deal. Infinity sensors predict your hair’s needs to maintain an optimal low styling temperature from root to tip, meaning you experience a best-in-class drying performance whilst respecting your hair’s natural moisture, for wet to sleek styling with no damage, no sizzling or burning smell, just unprecedented beautiful and soft hair results, for up to 48h.

Ghd Duet Style

Once your hair is dry, unlock extra sleekness with the Shine Shot Mode. The touch of a button transforms the tool into a Ghd flat iron styler (with airflow stopped) working at the optimum styling temperature of 185°C, for when hair is already dry and simply needs styling. Designed to boost dried or second-day dry hair with 2 times more shine and 3.5 times more hair alignment for smoother and instant frizz-free hair.

The styler also promises lower sound levels, for a more pleasant and refined styling experience at home or in the salon. Plus, it is designed with eco-friendly aerodynamics in mind to minimise energy waste, for up to 45% less energy consumption.

To style, you simply start with freshly washed towel dried hair, section the hair and place the styler at the root for 2-3 seconds before gliding down the hair from root to ends. Repeat until the hair is dry. Finally, on dry hair only, use the Shine Shot mode to perfect your look.

Ghd Sleek Talker

Ghd Sleek Talker

But wait, there’s more! Developed in conjunction with Ghd Duet Style, to guarantee the best performance, is the new Ghd Sleek Talker hair styling product. This wet to sleek styling oil with heat protection helps smooth, soften and replenish hair, maximising heat styling performance for long-lasting professional results.

Made with the Ghd heat protection system – this advanced formula is the perfect power couple for wet to sleek styling with the Duet Style. Expect a beautifully sleek and smooth finish, with 25% longer-lasting frizz control and 4X more hair alignment, for hair softness and smoothness.

Available in black and white at a recommended retail price of R7,100 fans of the brand will no doubt be on the look for the where to find the best price on the Ghd Duet Style in South Africa. The styler is now available at select salons and online stores.


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