Tuesday, May 18

Getting The Right Luggage


Luggage is one of those topics that we tend to spend too little time on. Then one day you realise that you have a big problem, as you will be travelling somewhere. Then the panic starts and you look for a short term fix instead of making an investment. Getting the right suitcase is a process that needs some time.

I speak from experience; a bad suitcase is almost like arriving at the airport without the keys to the locks on your zips that close your suitcase. I have done that and boy it took a creative solution to solve the problem. The point I am trying to make is that you need to think about your travel needs. Are you catering for the entire family and need a few suitcases or is this bag only for yourself? You need a bag that is spacious and has construction that will be able take any abuse it may experience from the airport staff that is responsible for baggage.  The suitcase needs to have wheels on the bottom so that you can move it around without too much exertion.

So what are your options? I would suggest that you look at a Cellini or Samsonite suitcase that is supplemented by a backpack that you pack all your hand luggage in. So take the time and do the right thing and buy yourself a proper suitcase.


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