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Get Hired: Esports Careers to Pursue in South Africa


Are you dreaming of a career in Esports but are concerned you don’t have the skill and talent necessary to succeed in the competitive field? There is so much for to gaming than just having the latest in gaming accessories and gear. You’d also be mistaken for thinking the only career path in Esports is as an Esports athlete, and hence pursuing a career in the field would require an unrivaled level of gaming skill. Becoming an athlete is just one career path in this vast field. There are tons of other ways to earn a salary, and bragging rights, as a professional in the thriving gaming industry.

Esports has experienced an explosion in popularity in South Africa over recent months, with big brands, individuals, and even the Gauteng government supporting the industry. With the government wanting to create opportunities that expose South African youth to esports, there’s no better time than the present to explore a career in this thriving field.

Coach your dream team to glory

Behind every great Esports team is a great coach who can push them to become the best. Much like real-world sports, becoming an Esports coach would require you to help the team train against other teams to improve their skills, strategy and overall gameplay. You’d work closely with players to motivate them and help them identify any potential weaknesses and capitalise on their strengths. It’s a great profession if you’re a strategic thinker and are great at inspiring others.

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Become the voice of Esports as a shout caster

If your idea of a great time involves giving spectators a blow-by-blow account of everything happening in life and on-screen, then a career in Esports shout casting might be for you.

Shout casters provide running commentary that informs and entertains spectators without getting in the way of the action. The key to success in this profession is exceptional game knowledge and charisma to help build a good reputation. Of course, a loyal following on platforms like YouTube or Twitch won’t hurt either.

Become an Esports photographer

This career will probably sound like a dream come true for any esports enthusiast who appreciate a captivating in-game photo of an F1 race car taking a corner or a game-winning goal.

As an Esports photographer, you’d be responsible for snapping award-worthy shots of all the action as it unfolds on-screen. You’d also get the opportunity to capture the electrifying buzz of an Esports tournament, including trophy lifts and the sheer determination on players’ faces as they go for the win.

Being an Esports photographer can be challenging, and you’ll need to invest in some decent photography gear, but it’s worth the priceless pictures you get to capture, including someday earning front-row seats to photograph some of the most renowned tournaments and events.

In between tournaments, you can also lend your skills to other projects within the gaming industry like a product photographer for gaming accessories and peripherals for big tech companies.

Grow team awareness as a marketing manager

If your dream is to one day own and manage an Esports team’s brand, then becoming a marketing manager in the field might be for you.

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As an Esports marketing manager, you’re responsible for growing the team’s brand through exceptional marketing tactics and strategies to get as many people as possible engaged with the athletes, events, and the sport. That means working closely with content creators and social media teams to reach the audience through as many channels as possible.

Connect to Esports communities through content creation

The beauty of a career in Esports is that you don’t always have to be a skilled athlete to make it.

For instance, if your passion lies in graphic design, you could express your creativity through branding design for your team’s event material, designing online collateral such as the team’s landing pages, or even the user interface of the team’s website. You could also become a video editor who edits content for online stream channels or even put together blow-by-blow replays of teams in actions.

Esports content creation will require you to stay on top of Esports trends and constantly developing new and exciting content for a variety of platforms.

There are so many career opportunities for members of our Esports community and platforms to help them develop their skills, like Logitech G’s Content Creator Academy. The industry has evolved and is giving passionate individuals the opportunity to hone their abilities and pursue their love for all things gaming.

You don’t have to be in the top percentage of skilled players in the world to make a living in professional Esports. There’s now a choice of conventional and unconventional job titles for anyone passionate about the sport. With this said, who says you can’t play for a living?


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