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Gaming in 2020: 3 Games We Can’t Wait to Play


While 2019 has been a stellar year for gaming, 2020 is already looking to up the ante with some massive releases on the horizon. We’ve rounded up 3 of the most exciting games we’re itching to get hold of next year!

Marvel’s Avengers

Release date: 15 May 2020 (Xbox One | PS4 | PC)

The Avengers have been dominating the box-office for quite some time, but now it’s time for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to make their way to the little-screen. Players to take on the role of all the core Avengers, namely Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor in an all-new story, which picks up during a devastating attack which results in the Avengers disbanding. Five years later, with all superheroes outlawed and the world in peril, the only hope is to reassemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Much like 2018’s Spider-ManMarvel’s Avengers combines cinematic storytelling with a robust single-player campaign, but Marvel’s Avengers will also incorporate co-op gameplay. It was also confirmed that post-launch content, including new heroes and challenges, will be available at no additional cost.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Release date: 16 April 2020 (Xbox One | PS4 | PC)

It’s been a long time in development, but CD Projekt RED (you know, the team behind The Witcher 3) will be releasing their tech-infused first-person shooter RPG, Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020. The game takes a somewhat similar set-up to The Witcher series, throwing you in a dense, open-world full of missions and things to do; but this time around, you’ll have to battle your way through maniacal robots, augmented humans, and all kinds of weird, futuristic monstrosities. It looks to be incredibly deep with some interesting RPG mechanics, but the gorgeous gunfights and a compelling story are the real attraction here.

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The Last of Us: Part II

Release date: 29 May 2020 (PS4)

The Last of Us is easily one of the best games of the generation, being presented countless awards and accolades since its initial release back in 2013. The long-anticipated sequel arrives in 2020, and not too much is known about the story or how much time has passed between the first and second game, but it will follow a more mature and battle-hardened Ellie as she sets out on a quest for revenge, with new stealth mechanics, trickier enemies, and emotional story-beats that’ll likely leave us in tatters.

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