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Fruity Cocktails Made Easy with Skyy Infusions Cherry Vodka


Vodka is the base of many a great cocktail, and Skyy Vodka’s exciting Infusions range of flavoured vodkas makes it easier than ever to whip up cocktail creations at home. For those who love fruity cocktails, Skyy Vodka is providing a delightful sweet offering for fans of the vodka, which was birthed in San Francisco in 1992.

Infused with natural cherry flavour, Skyy Infusions Cherry offers a fun take on a much-loved vodka brand and encourages vodka lovers to get creative and play with flavours. Playing around with different flavoured vodkas can be a fun way to hone your cocktail-making skills at home. Once you have your favourites, you can then shop around for the best price on spirits you enjoy.

Skyy Infusions uses natural flavour in the infusion process to provide a unique, fresh and natural component to flavoured vodka. The spirit has a delicious aroma of Maraschino cherry and cherry compote while the flavour enters your palate as a fresh red cherry flavour. As it warms in my mouth, the flavour develops into a strong ripe cherry-driven fruit punch before making way to a mild mouth-warming peppery finish.

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Sky Infusions Cherry cocktail

While many cherry-flavoured drinks can fall prey to having that medicinal cherry flavour, this is not the case with the creation from Skyy Vodka. With Skyy Infusions, the brand says it has developed an infusion process that captures the true flavour of the fruit to allow consumers to enjoy a “true-to-fruit experience”. Infused ingredients are mixed with premium Skyy vodka to deliver the “true-to-fruit” taste of succulent, sun-ripened fruits.

It’s great when mixed with iced cold cola, and it’s an absolute winner in a Boozy Roy Rogers when enjoyed with Coke, Grenadine, and Maraschino cherries. I’ve been playing around with the spirit and using it in all sorts of cocktails at home, so don’t be shy to play around.

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Sky Infusions Cherry cocktail

Skyy Infusions Cherry joins an extensive line of flavours from Skyy Vodka Infusions, including offerings like Raspberry, Citrus, Vanilla, and Passion Fruit. The Skyy Infusions line is described as “a unique infused experience made with premium Skyy Vodka and natural ingredients.”

Skyy Infusions Cherry is available at leading liquor stores at R249,99 per 750ml bottle.


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