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Festive Gift Guide: 5 Best Gifts for Fitness Fans & Gym Lovers


It’s the season of giving, and you’re no doubt searching high and low for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. If you’re after the ideal gift for a loved one who loves to break a sweat, then you’ll love our picks for the gift ideas for fitness fanatics. From must-have running shoes and trainers to recovery tools and apparel; it’s all here!

Adidas 4DFWD Running Shoes

Adidas 4DFWD Running Shoes

Adidas has revealed its new 4DFWD running shoe, its most advanced running shoe yet. Designed to move runners in one direction only: forward – the shoe’s bowtie-shaped lattice midsole transforms vertical pressure into a horizontal force, providing runners with a non-stop smooth forward transition.

Harnessing the power of 4D, Adidas collaborated with its global innovation partner – Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis – to create a precisely fine-tuned midsole, which offers a scientifically proven forward motion benefit. The new 4DFWD features a new Continental outsole that provides extra grip for a confident run in all weather conditions. An all-new Primeknit+ and engineered mesh upper construction has been introduced for an extra-supportive and snug fit. Complemented by a new integrated heel counter, Primeknit+ offers a sock-like fit whilst areas of engineered mesh provide support exactly where runners need it most.

Milkteds Compression Socks

Milkteds Compression Socks

Say hello to the perfect travel and active sock! The ideal stocking stuffer, Milkteds was born in the UK, and created to offer a sense of well-being while looking great. Compression socks often have a perception of ‘medical accessory’ attached to them, and a sense of obligation of having to use them on occasion’ rather than the desire to want to use them daily. But Milkteds offer a stylish, modern take on compression socks for travel and everyday wear. Some compression hosiery feels unnatural, sweaty, itchy and difficult to put on and wear all day long. Milkteds feature a yarn mix made from milk protein, to create products in a range of colours, with a soft, natural feel. Using the science of graduated compression, these compression socks for the modern era help to prevent and revive tired legs, swollen ankles and achy feet. It’s truly taking active accessories to a new level.

Milkteds hosiery work with your body for a slimmer, toned and supported silhouette appearance, without compromising on comfort. They are a pleasure to wear for long periods, and should ideally be worn daily as an everyday item or for a particular purpose such as sports, maternity, outdoor, travel or recovery. Graduated compression hosiery, with mild to moderate degree of compression (up to 22 mmHg), is beneficial for everyone, every day. This level of support is considered to help prevent or relieve tiredness, early swelling (mild oedema), spider veins, and mild varicose veins. They can be worn post-surgery, throughout pregnancy as anti-embolism products, during outdoor and sporting activities or when travelling to avoid thrombosis.

2XU Core Compression Shorts

2XU Core Compression Shorts

Wearing good quality compression gear during and after your workouts can help to enhance your performance, improve blood circulation while you train, and reduce post-workout muscle soreness.

The 2XU compression shorts are designed to take the place of regular workout shorts. These comfortable compression shorts are the perfect training partner at the gym, on the field, on the court, or when pounding the pavement. The powerful, lightweight PWX fabric with circular knit 360-degree stretch, reduces muscle movement and damage whilst compression boosts blood flow to muscles, improving performance, lowering the risk of injury, and speeding up recovery. While the high-quality, durable, moisture-wicking yarns outlast the competition and keep the skin cool and dry.

These shorts are sure to be a great gift for active types who value recovery gear; whether they’re into running, strength training, or even trail running and hiking.

Under Armour Iso-Chill Gear

Under Armour Iso-Chill

Under Armour Iso-Chill makes you feel cooler so you can work for longer. UA Iso-Chill tech feels cool to the touch, helping to eliminate excessive heat, so that you can run longer or train harder. By using flat yarn to disperse body heat and titanium dioxide to absorb UV energy, this fabric doesn’t just keep you cooler, but actually lays flat against the skin and feels cool to the touch.

The UA Iso-Chill range features exercise gear for men and women, from T-shirts to tights, shorts, and vests. The range has everything you need to keep your head in the game and free you from distractions caused by overheating and excessive rubbing from active wear. If you have a serious athlete on your list, then something from this range will be the ultimate festive spoil.

Vibrating Massage Roller

Vibrating Massage Roller

A vibrating massage roller is a solid everyday-use recovery tool. This innovative play on a typical foam roller, balances power with portability, so you can feel your best at home or on the go. Shake up your self-care routine and energize your body with this compact vibrating massage roller. With a 3-speed high-intensity vibrating core, you’ll always be ready to roll and target those tight muscles.

While it can take a bit of getting used to, having a go-to massage roller is ideal when relaxing watching TV and focusing on recovery after a tough gym session or sports match. It does come with a cost, but factoring in the amount of physio and massage sessions people spend money on, it’s well worth the price tag. This easy-to-use recovery tool will make for a stellar gift for a sports-mad loved one who has everything!


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